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Branch97 - Oliver

Executive Members:

President: Peter McKenna 778-870-0689
Past President: Kent Dagenais 250-488-0228
First Vice President: Cori Augustine 250-498-8828
Second Vice President: Chris Yerburgh 250-498-3873
Secretary: Donna Brooks 250-498-7706
Treasurer: Ron Lundin 250-498-8854
Director: Sandy Askewe-Power  
Director: Dee Granger  
Director: Tom Irvine 250-498-4156


Chaplain: Ray Turner 250-498-3084
Canteen: Cori Augustine 250-498-8828
Entertainment: Lois Walters  
Honours & Awards: Cori Augustine 250-498-8828
House & Grounds: Tom Irvine 250-498-4156
Membership: Chris Yerburgh 250-498-3873
Poppy Fund Sandy Askewe-Power 250-341-7161
Public Relations Jeannee Johnson 403-597-6370
Service Officer    
Sick & Visiting: Gene Beckstrom  
Sport: Kent Dagenais 250-488-0228
Ways & Means: Kent Dagenais 250-488-0228
Youth: Sandy Askewe-Power  


Oliver Legion
6417 Main Street

Mailing address:
Box 378
Oliver, BC  V0H 1T0



I shuffle my feet through the autumn leaves,
A fresh chill is in the air.
On November 11th a mother grieves,
Her son is no longer there.

That morning in Ottawa a soft rain falls,
Canadians gather on Parliament Hill.
In Afghanistan a soldier’s cry calls,
A dusty wind erodes his will.

Cameras linger on time-worn faces,
Wrinkled eyes still glinting with pride.
Young recruits eagerly train at bases,
Soon replacing those who have died.

The singing of “O Canada” rings strongly,
A poppy over each person’s heart.
Nations continue to bicker wrongly,
Government leaders so far apart.

Upon the cenotaph, wreaths are placed,
Bright ribbons bearing names.
The ills of society can’t be erased,
There’s no point playing deadly games.

In that minute of silence we remember
Heads bowed, tears fall to the ground
Hope seems nothing but a dying ember
Faith in humanity whispers not a sound

For that moment I pause to consider
The face of freedom today
Is it smiling or is it bitter?
Because of all that we’ve thrown away.

A trumpet plays The Last Post,
The bagpipes notes float bravely after.
I am resolved to remember most,
That in the world there’s still some laughter.

I must shrug off the heaviness of this date,
And be thankful for the free life I live.
Make a promise not to surrender to hate,
Be a strength, share love, just give.

Author: Mallory Abbie